Visiting Parma

Parma is an elegant university town, worldwide known for its cultural events and its PDO foodstuff.

Parma is the seat of the EFSA (European Food Safety Authority) since 2002 and the Italian Capital City of Culture for the year 2020.

  • PIAZZA DUOMO is where the spiritual life of the city concentrates. Indeed, here arise: CATTEDRALE. A wonderful Romanesque monument dedicated to Santa Maria Assunta, sanctified in 1106 and subsequently

  • PILOTTA is a monumental complex dating back to the period of regency of the Farnese family in the duchy of Parma and includes: TEATRO FARNESE. A perfect example of the seventeenth-century theatre arch

  • TEATRO REGIO. A theatre in perfect neoclassical style realised from the will of the duchess of Parma Maria Luigia. Inaugurated in 1829, the theatre soon becomes the stage for different kinds of entert

  • CIBUS is the international exhibition of food and the flagship event of the Italian agri-food where you can meet the most renowned gastronomic excellence and where you can update on the greatest actua

  • GOTHA is an international exhibition of high-end antiques. The select exhibitors display works of exceptional quality and it represents a reference point for the national and international galleries,

  • MERCANTEINFIERA is an international exhibition of modernism, antiques and art collecting. It leads a huge number of expositors and visitors from all over the world to Parma. It is a unique showcase, o